The Stash

I dont have a sewing room, although I would certainly love one. I just take over the dining table and spread my wonderful sewing stuff pretty much all over the house. I used to have all my fabric in big plastic wheelie bins but found I could never remember what I had or where it was. So I now have it all stacked in my wardrobe (clothes, what clothes??) Recently I decided to swap bedrooms with my daughter, which was a much bigger job than I had imagined it would be. By far the longest part was transferring all the fabric from one wardrobe to the other, it took hours! On the bright side I did get to touch all my wonderful, divine fabrics again - it was like a family reunion, it was beautiful! Here it is all stacked nice and tidy in its new home. Well, its all the fabric that isnt still in bags throughout the house. That wardrobe is double wide, floor to ceiling high and a lot of the stacks are 2 deep. I started out trying to stack it like with like but was running out of time to be elsewhere so the last lot just got put in together.
I would dearly love a way of better storing all my patterns, trims, buttons etc. I did eye up Miss 9's wardrobe but I think she might protest about that!
I will be buying my own house sometime this year and a spare room I can make my sewing room is definitely on the list. When I read other peoples sewing blogs I always look for photos of their sewing rooms so I can store away ideas. I'll be sure to post pics when I get mine :o)


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