I have decided to use Simplicity 2745 because I love the styling of the jacket. I intend to lengthen the jacket at the waistline so the finished length is quite a lot longer. I also want to scallop the hem and have the finished length longer that the back than at the front. I intend the front to end just below the knee, the back about 5-6cm lower.
I intend to recut the sleeves so they are made up of three panels that flair out slightly at the cuffs. The cuffs will be scalloped to match the hem.
The collar and cuffs will be a short pile black mink fake fur. I may put a fur trim around the hem, I'm not sure yet.
I love topstitching! I think it always adds a nice RTW touch as well as strengthens a garment and helps it sit nicer. All the seams on this jacket will be topstitched, I want the seams to be a feature.
The other big concideration will be the lining. I want just the lining to be a big feature of this jacket. The charcoal grey wool outter is quite severe and grown up for a childs jackets so I want to go for something really funky and girly, something completely opposite to the seriousness of the outer look of the jacket.


Ohhhh I love your thinking wih the lining! You sould do some trials with satin if you havent already purchased your lining :) I did something similar with a bomer jacket for my 8 year old neice and she adored it :) Good luck!

October 25, 2009 at 10:19 PM  

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