Next I pinned the binding all the way around the hood and around the front opening (I dont know the technical name for the bit cut out of the center front) I stitched it on, ironed the edge under and topstitched all the way around. I was happy enough with how it looked, except for at the bottom of the opening. Because I didnt cut the binding on the bias it didnt curve well and was gaping. I remedied this by making a small tuck in the band and hand stitching it on the wrong side. It wasnt quite the look I wanted but it solves the problem and I dont think its too bad.

Oh, look!! I worked out how to move the photo's!!!

This green is getting closer to the true colour but is still no where near as bright as the real thing.

All there was left to do now was sew in the sleeves, whizz down the side seams and add yet more binding to the cuffs and the hem, which are also topstitched down (did I mention I love topstitching??)

Over all I am happy with it. Its not perfect, some of the seams have stretched out a little when I was sewing them and the binding isnt perfect either but I think they will be fine once the top has been worn and washed a few times.

When Miss 9 first realised earlier today that this sweatshirt wouldnt have a zip, she wasnt very happy. She thought she would hate it and I would waste the cool fabric she likes so much. I tried it on her just before she went to bed tonight. It still needed the binding around the cuffs and hem, but she loves it. She is really happy with it, and thats the most important thing of all.

This has been a fun project. So far in my sewing life I havent really done many pattern alterations and even though the changes to this pattern are pretty minor, I'm still happy I gave it a go and will definitely be looking at my patterns in a new way now. I intend to make this same style again later this week in a dark brown with cream hearts lightweight sweatshirting, although I wont be doing binding on it like I did here, mostly because it wont need it, but also because the pain from this one will still be too fresh!


Hi, that's a great looking hoodie top. Love your use of the stripes.

May 5, 2009 at 6:57 PM  

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