New toy!

I was browsing all the sewing auctions online last night, as usual, when I found this. I'm super happy to have got it for $10. I iron constantly when I sew. I always iron fabric before I start sewing. Then I iron it all again after I have overlocked it. Then I iron each seam as I finish them. Do other people do that too? No wonder it takes me so long to make everything!
So, wahoo, I think this little board will be really handy! Cant wait for it to arrive! It will need a funky new cover though. Great timing actually as my big ironing board needs a new cover too, so I can make them matching covers.

I bought my big ironing board at a second hand shop about 10 years ago for $5 and its great. Very sturdy, just the right height. Its not the prettiest, but its just perfect. I love the hard board on the end. Very handy.
I hope to get a new iron soon too. At the moment I have a Breville Jet Select and its ok, but not great. I've had it about 3 years I guess. The non stick coating is peeling off the plate, maybe because I sometimes iron over pins? Maybe I should just peel the whole coating off, I'm not sure. I have also noticed it spits out dirty drops of water sometimes, eeekk!
I would like a heavier iron. I iron a lot of denim and other heavy fabrics so I need a heavier iron, but it still needs to be ok on finer fabrics.

Last night, also online, I bought another two sewing themed fat quarters. I wish they would stop making them, as I just cant stop myself from buying any fabric with a sewing theme! I must have enough themed fat quarters to make 2 quilts by now. sigh. One day I might even sew with them!
I also discovered a Michael Miller fabric that is black and white with sewing machines on it!! I think it might be quite old, I'm not sure. But I want some!


You have developed good skills :o) Pressing every step of the way makes sewing so much easier (not to mention getting seams & top stitching to sit nicely!).

That little ironing board will become indispensable!

My advice (for what it's worth) on irons - is save up for a really good one. I have always had good irons for sewing (especially when I was making wedding dresses). See if you can find an older heavier second hand one perhaps for the denims (it's their rivets that start the peeling of non stick coatings)& every day stuff.

I have two irons, a cheaper breville that everyone can use & my beloved 'Tefal Aquaspeed" for my sewing & fine fabrics (although it will happliy iron denim of any sort). The Panasonic & Phillips 'upper end' irons are great also.

May 6, 2009 at 3:36 PM  

I second the Tefal irons!! I had my first one for nearly 10 years before it died. Used a series of cheaper irons (that all died early!) for a couple of years then splashed out and got another Tefal. I love love love it and now resolve to never buy another brand! :o)

May 7, 2009 at 12:19 PM  

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