Spring Needle

Hows this for a funky looking needle?? Its called a Schmetz SPRING Needle and apparently its for embroidery. I have quite a collection of different machine needles now, this one was one of the few I didnt already have. I got given it free when I bought my new machine, they are usually around $15. I'm super happy to have it. One day I may even use it!

Boho Baguette

Another very cool thing to happen lately is my purchase of a very cool StudioKat bag pattern. I love everything about this pattern and have stressed a lot over which fabric to make it out of.

I have finally decided I am going to make it, on my new machine (!!!) out of this:

I think I am going to go with a plain pale blue lining, but I'll wait till I actually get it and see how the colours look.

Big news!!

OMG, I cannot believe I now own a brand new Elna 6200! Its just the most perfect machine! I cannot believe how lucky I am, and it was very cool that I was only able to buy it thanks to money coming from my Dads estate, and that I bought it on his birthday! Thanks Dad :o)

Twin Needles 2

I apologise too for everything being different sizes and not all in a neat line. Twice while composing this post my browser shut for no reason meaning I lost everything and had to start again. Its been very frustrating so I'm afraid this is as good as it gets for tonight ;o)

If you click the pictures, and each block of print, they do enlarge a little bigger making them slightly easier to read :o)

Twin Needles

These are the twin needles articles, as promised. I found a second one while looking for the first one. I will put them up in two separate posts.

I'm sorry some of it isnt very clear, the scanner just didnt want to cooperate.

If you click on each photo, and each block of print, they will enlarge making them a little easier to read.

I hope everything ends up in the right order :o)

The two new additions

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